Cecilia Marie Roberts

Cecilia Marie Flynn

Favourite Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” –Ghandi

This quote always reminds me that everyone of us can contribute to change. It inspires me to challenge myself as to what “I” am going to do to make a difference in the world.

Proudest Accomplishment:

Raising three amazing children, who are kind, compassionate and most importantly don’t take themselves too seriously!

About me:

I didn’t seek out suicide prevention work—it kind of found me. I’m don’t come from a clinical or academic perspective but rather from a sales, marketing and training perspective, which I believe has been really helpful in my role as community coordinator. It has me asking questions like… “What is it that the stakeholders at the table need?” Or, “How can we meet their needs and what is our return on investment for our efforts?” I believe strongly in building on existing strengths, talking to others that have been there as well as making, working, evaluating, and changing a plan.

What inspires you to work at the community level?

In the community there are so many committed and caring individuals working in challenging environments and giving their personal energy to help create a better experience for those that are struggling. We all know that the system is a work in progress but it is filled with amazingly skilled and compassionate people… they inspire me.

What are the critical ingredients for working collaboratively with different community partners?

Working collaboratively requires a belief in the fact that each person at the table has a unique perspective and something to give to move the work forward. It requires a commitment to creating an environment that will inspire people to participate, encourage them to commit to action and celebrate success.