Communities in action

This map features profiles of Ontario community networks and coalitions mobilizing to address youth suicide locally. A community profile allows you to share what your community is up to, learn from what others are doing and connect with other communities across the province. Do you have a local network or coalition that you would like to feature on the map? We want to hear how you’re addressing the challenge.

Contact us either by phone (613-737-2297 ext. 3359) or by e-mail at:

Mobilize your community

Ready to create a plan for addressing youth suicide in your community, but not sure where to start? Our strategic action planning tool can help.

Get inspired

Curious about what others are doing? Check out the communities in action page to see how communities across the province are addressing youth suicide.

Connect with a coach

Can we help? Our experienced coaches are ready to support youth suicide prevention initiatives across the province. Find out how they can support your community