Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force

Network/coalition name: Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force

Primary contact:

Tina Bobinski, Dilico Anishinabek Family Care

Theresa Graham Horton, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay

Communities included within your network: District of Thunder Bay

Number of agencies involved in your network: 32

Sectors involved in the network: Education, health, municipal government, sectors of provincial government, First Nation, French, LGBTQ, RCMP, police, mental health promotion, child welfare, mental health and addictions services

Website address:

What are the goals/objectives of your network?

The mission of the Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force is to work together to build, increase and enhance community capacity and mobilization around prevention of and acute response to youth suicide in Thunder Bay. The goals of the task force are:

  • to increase knowledge and awareness of issues related to youth suicide
  • to work collaboratively to prevent youth suicide in our community
  • to work collaboratively to respond to youth suicide in an effective and timely manner, and
  • to mobilize the community and build capacity to deal with youth suicide and other tragic events


What are some of the key activities your network has been involved in?

  • a Rapid Response Fan-Out Protocol for tragic events that bridges the gap between service providers and communities (with a focus on schools) to respond effectively to a tragic event and to minimize the ripple effect of suicide and avoid a whole community crisis
  • youth resiliency building
  • youth-created multimedia projects, including videos, website, plays, billboards, posters and arts collaborations
  • gatekeeper campaigns and training, including campaigns for parents, teachers, coaches and health care professionals
  • evaluation and reports
  • community networking to get organizations to work together and break down the silos
  • presentations and workshops for youth, students, gatekeepers, workplaces and professionals that include safeTALK training and Task Force created programming
  • culturally sensitive programming and campaigns
  • terms of reference
  • a memorandum of agreement that includes the Rapid Response Fan-Out Protocol
  • a declaration of commitment between all signing partners
  • a three-year strategic plan
  • a published youth study called the Youth Voice Report
  • requests to adopt form for anyone interested in adopting our work for their efforts

Have any of your activities involved the development of a protocol?

Yes, we developed a Rapid Response Fan-Out Protocol.

Type of protocol:

  • Inter-organizational protocol
  • Protocol for postvention