Maintaining Sustainability

Before you create a sustainability plan for your community’s initiative, think about the need for sustainability. 

  • Should your community’s efforts end at a defined point in time or will your efforts be ongoing? Do the goals defined in your action plan require ongoing work?
  • How long does your initiative need to be in place in order to accomplish its goals? Is there enough community support to maintain the initiative? 

It is very likely that your community’s initiative will need to be in place for a substantial period of time and therefore need a plan for sustainability. Check out this step-by-step guide to help your community create a sustainability plan (adapted from the Community Tool Box). Steps include the following:

  1. Clarify the goals and context for sustaining your efforts.
  2. Create a plan to anticipate what resources will be necessary to sustain your efforts.
  3. Identify strategies your community will use to sustain your initiative. 
  4. Develop a communication plan to secure resources for your efforts.
  5. Outline a specific action plan for sustaining your efforts.

Check out our tools and resources for more information to sustain your community mobilization efforts.