Make a plan

Cross-sectoral service providers engage in discussions at the Together we mobilize: Ontario’s youth suicide prevention plan community mobilization forum in Ottawa on March 5, 2014.

Coming together as a community to prevent youth suicide can be daunting. Even establishing a group to address this issue can take a long time. That’s okay. Preventing youth suicide is complex.

In addition, youth suicide may be a difficult topic to talk about in your community. Members may also be dealing with other important challenges. How will you know if your community is ready to address youth suicide? How can you prioritize activities to prevent youth suicide? This section will help you assess your community’s readiness and set priorities to help you plan and develop your strategies.

Don’t forget: whether you’re just getting started or already in the midst of planning, it’s important to consider whether you have all the right people around the table. This includes youth and families. It’s also critical to ensure you’re being inclusive when considering the unique needs of youth in your community as you work to develop, implement and evaluate your plan. For more support in collaborating successfully, check out Come together.


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