Youth suicide prevention / youth life promotion consultation support


As part of the Centre’s work to enhance community capacity to address youth suicide in Ontario, we’ve provided direct support to numerous communities through five part-time youth suicide prevention (YSP) coaches. From September 2014 to February 2016, our coaches helped communities to work across sectors to implement and evaluate locally-developed youth suicide prevention strategies.

Our coaching model was a pilot initiative that was evaluated in early 2015 and early 2016. During this time, coaches actively supported approximately 20 communities across Ontario, most of whom were focused on the early stages of community mobilization to bring their community together to develop an evidence-informed plan to address youth suicide.

Consultation support resources available to March 2018

Developing, implementing, evaluating and sustaining youth suicide prevention/youth life promotion strategies takes time and requires ongoing commitment and buy-in from community stakeholders. In order to support efforts across Ontario to sustain youth suicide prevention/youth life promotion work, the Centre will continue to provide targeted support to communities through one full-time YSP consultant (until March 2018).

The YSP consultant will be able to continue to support, consult and advise communities on the various activities involved in coming together as a whole community to develop, implement and evaluate a sustainable youth suicide prevention plan. Our YSP consultant will be focused on supporting communities to sustain their youth suicide prevention/youth life promotion efforts in coming years. They can also function as a broker, connecting communities across Ontario to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange.

What makes a community eligible for consultation support?

To be eligible to receive YSP consultation support:

  • The community must be located in Ontario.
  • If there’s a child and youth mental health lead agency active in the community, they should be involved in this work.
  • Community agencies receiving funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services for child and youth mental health service delivery must be involved or willing to be involved in the work.
  • The community making the request must be working or willing to work in collaboration with cross-sectoral community partners (e.g. child and youth mental health, child welfare, education, health, justice, etc.), including families and youth with lived experiences.

Depending on the situation, the Centre can work with communities to meet the above eligibility criteria (for example, we can help to facilitate partnerships with relevant agencies).

How do you request consultation support?

If you are interested in accessing YSP consultation support on behalf of your community, please get in touch with our YSP consultant, Cecilia Marie Roberts ( She will set up a time to talk with you to discuss your request.