Understanding youth suicide

Youth suicide affects individuals, families, schools, teams, neighbourhoods and whole communities. It’s an issue that requires collaborative efforts to create effective solutions. All community mobilization efforts to address youth suicide should include life promotion, prevention, risk management and postvention strategies.

Community mobilization: Youth suicide is a collective issue that requires collaborative efforts to create effective solutions.Prevention: Strategies used to try to reduce and prepare for the possibility of suicidal thoughts, behaviours and ultimately death by suicideRisk management: Managing those at risk by recognizing and responding to youth with suicidal ideation or behaviour in order to prevent thoughts from becoming actsPostvention: Strategies used to attend to the needs of those impacted by suicide to prevent future suicidal acts.Life promotion: Approach based on the belief that all young people are capable of finding their own path to a holistic and meaningful life.

This section will help you explore these components as well as some best practices, sample protocols and special considerations about youth suicide.