What is evaluation


Why is evaluation important?

Evaluation is key to any youth suicide prevention risk management and postvention initiative. The evidence base in this area is small. By evaluating your efforts you're not only adding to the evidence, you're also helping to build and share more effective solutions.

Evaluation can:1

  • help your community develop by providing information on where you stand, where you need to make improvements and what successes you can build on moving forward.
  • highlighting your community's successes can boost spirit and keep everyone motivated to sustain your efforts.
  • provide relevant facts, figures and examples that help your community understand important aspects of the initiative that may not have been obvious prior to the evaluation.
  • increase support and encouragement from community members. Not limited to funders, support can include those closely affected by the issue, like families bereaved by suicide, young survivors of suicide, and LGBTQ and FNIM communities.

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