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    You’re ready to start implementing your plan! In this step you’ll consider how to begin implementation by considering what will work best for all involved. You’ll also consider how to keep motivation levels high as the plan is implemented.

    As each activity lead sets out to begin or expand their specific activity, consider how to keep the committee and all the elements together.

    Here are some guiding questions for implementation:

    • Will your committee continue to meet regularly to keep everyone informed?
    • How will each activity lead inform the committee of ongoing progress? Challenges? Successes?
    • How will data be tracked for each activity?
    • Who is responsible for tracking data?
    • Who will monitor timelines? Budgets?
    • Will the committee transition from a planning role to a ‘coordinating’ role? If so, how will you lead this change?

    Consider the target group

    Chosen activities were informed by the target group, they helped identify what connects them to life. Implementation needs to follow suit: it needs to meet the target group ‘where they’re at’. Implementation needs to be authentic and manageable for that group. For example, if you begin a peer support group on Zoom, but no one in your target group has used Zoom, implementation will take a long time. Keep it simple.

    Much of the information you’ll need to identify what will work best for your target group will be gleaned from your engagement with them in the first step.

    Consider those involved in implementation

    Think about who will be involved in the actual implementation of the activities. How can you set those people up for success? What can be done to get them on-board with the activity? How might you prepare people to follow through?