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Project type: Network
Best practices: Training and networks
Activity type: Intervention, Postvention
Population served: General public

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    The Niagara Suicide Prevention Coalition was formed in the fall of 2003 due to a concern regarding the increase in the number of suicides in the Niagara Region. The coalition has grown to include over 20 agencies and members at large.

    Goals and objectives

    The Niagara Suicide Prevention Coalition (NSPC) is dedicated to promoting suicide prevention, intervention and postvention within the Niagara community. NSPC exists to bring interested community organizations, groups, individuals and volunteers together to make Niagara a suicide-safer community.


    • Creating a Tip Card for distribution in both English and French
    • Involved in advocating for lethal means restriction in the community
    • Advocacy to increase staff working on suicide prevention at the local Public Health Unit
    • Creation of updated Media Guidelines and provided training to local media reps on suicide prevention/intervention
    • Creation of an educational video with local stats on suicide available in in both English and French
    • Hosted a webinar for community agencies with updated stats and resources
    • Supported the annual Suicide Awareness Walk hosted by Distress Centre Niagara

    Advantages and challenges


    Our greatest success is the collaboration among cross-sector agencies within the Niagara region. The coalition has grown to include over 25 agencies and members-at-large. Our members are dedicated and passionate about suicide prevention in Niagara.


    The Coalition is a non-funded community group. Members participate as volunteers representing community agencies or as members at large.


    Ongoing engagement with committee members keeps the Coalition vibrant.  With members from all different sectors, we rely on our mission statement and our goals of suicide prevention to ensure we stay on track and committed to suicide prevention in our community.


    In 2021, the NSPC will participate in an environmental scan of members to better understand the work that needs to continue and where there are gaps that we can focus our attention for future.